Let's face it, everyone wants gorgeous lashes. What makes you different is doing something about it. We use a mink-synthetic blend of lashes. One technique is either pure mink, or pure synthetic. Pure Mink is barely noticeable as the lashes are extremely light, and typically shed faster. Pure synthetic are thicker and have a plastic sheen to them, they are commonly heavy but last longer than mink. Our blend is the best of both; the mink provides a soft feel to the lashes, while the synthetic gives longevity without looking too subtle.
Our Lash Technicians are certified and experienced with all things lashes. Each extension is individually glued to your own lash using a medical grade adhesive, and we have hypoallergenic glue available upon request. Our full set takes typically an hour and a half to two hours, depending on how glam you want to go. Fills take half an hour to forty five minutes if they are booked every two weeks as recommended.
Post Care:
Mascara is not recommended, but can be worn as long as removed before bed. But once you've got perfect lashes you'll forget about your tube of mascara!
Makeup can be worn, but removed gently with an oil-free makeup remover.
The best way to maintain your Lashes is to brush them each morning and before bed.
Full Classic Set $150+
Full Glam Set $200+
Classic Fill $50+
Glam Fill $75+

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