Hair Extensions

Made out of 100% human hair, Mulberry sources the very best quality hair from around the world and manufactures them them right here in Canada. Mulberry Hair Extensions began creating custom made hair pieces for cancer survivors, women who experienced hair loss, and thinning hair. In 2012 Mulberry Hair Extensions, formerly a private label opened its doors to public distribution and partnered with a team of stylists to create a ready-to-wear line which includes the infamous Halo and Topper Hair Extension.

"I wish my hair was like how it used to be, my hair is thinning, I want my hair to be a little thicker and a little longer" - you're not alone, there are those amount us who've experienced this too.  With over 27 colour options, curly, wavy or straight and fine to coarse hair we've got you covered. 

Luxury hair pieces at affordable prices. 
Mulberry Hair Extensions making hair dreams a reality.

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